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We have officially launched our new website, just in time for the fall!

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About EOAG!

At Essence of a Goddess, we provide hypoallergenic, vegan, and sensitive bath and body products. All of our handcrafted and organic products are unique. Body scrubs, bath bombs, massage oils, and soy candles are just a few of the products that EOAG manufactures for both men and women.

We stand out from the competition since we no longer package goods in plastic and do not use any recipes that are not entirely natural and organic. The foundation of our brand is ethical sourcing and environmental care. That is, we won't use a component if it harms the environment (palm oil). We are 95% vegan and provide formula that is suited for the weather (we use organic beeswax in our beard butter for men).

From our soaps to our foot scrubs, everything is made from scratch.